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Maplewood Tiger Mountain

Maplewood Brewing & Distillery’s Tiger Mountain

Maplewood has slowly been brewing up some hype and demand. Their Cuppa series sells out extremely fast – sometimes before I wake up – and their hazy offerings are not that far behind. But their secret weapon are their lagers....

maplewood barrel aged cuppa breakfast

Maplewood Barrel Aged Cuppas

Maplewood has finally joined the barrel-aged can game with their first two releases happening – coincidentally – the weekend of the Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beers. Whereas as breweries like Revolution and Mikerphone release theirs in a 12...

Episode 126 – Maplewood Brewery & Distillery

Only one brewery in Illinois is also in the distilling business, and we leave the bunker to record amongst those lovely vapors. Maplewood is not only crushing it in the beer department, but they’ll soon release their own small-batch spirits.