ABV Chicago Podcast

Goose Island StoutFest 2021

Scheduled for Sunday, March 15th, 2020, Goose Island’s Stout Fest was maybe the first beer fest to be cancelled last year. I recall being saddened, but not that surprised. I also recall that at that exact point, I owned no...

azadi gir

Gir | Azadi Brewing

Going into having my first Azadi beer on our Local News show, I had no preconceived notion of what to expect from them. Upon opening and drinking Kadak, my expectations have been set. The balance between the chocolatey, roasty stout and the chai spices exceeded any notions that I had about this new brewery. It never got to be too much. So with that in mind I had to try at least one of Azadi’s other two offerings available in the market – either their Kavi golden ale or Gir IPA. I felt like some hops, so I opted for Gir, their Kesar Mango IPA. (Just checked their Instagram – Bhogate, a grapefruit gose, is also currently available.)

baltic porters

Episode 372 – Baltic Porters

Despite the allure of warmer temperatures, we’re not quite ready to be done with stout season. So we grab the next-closest seasonally appropriate alternative: baltic porters! In our latest episode in our Prestige Styles Series, these five beers challenge what...

forbidden root cordial terms

Cordial Terms | Forbidden Root

Ah yes, the “holiday”-specific beer. It started out with seasonal beers, then expanded to Christmas Ales, pumpkins beers and the like. Now every event on the calendar can get its own specific release. Some really stretch to make it work (hey! Green beer!), but other holidays lend itself nicely to certain beers. Case in point – Valentine’s Day. Stouts or things with chocolate in them can naturally go with it. Forbidden Root takes this one step further by collaborating with an actual chocolatier for their Cordial Terms chocolate stout.