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Lasciate ogni sparanza, voi ch’entrate.                                                                                -Dante, La Commedia, Canto III With those words etched in a stone above the Gate to Hell, Dante and Virgil begin their descent to Hell.  Loosely translated it means, “Abandon all hope, you who...

Episode 7 – German Style Chicago

We drink six German-style beers from Chicago-area breweries. Listen as we talk about local breweries, traditional German styles, lederhosen comfort, German drinking games, and our favorite albums by Robot Dong. Prost!

West Coast Bias: San Francisco – The Rare Barrel

Nestled nicely in a warehouse area of Berkeley, The Rare Barrel is the definition of a new brewery, having just opened their tasting room in late December 2013 and started brewing in April 2013.  The Rare Barrel focuses exclusively on...