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ABV Chicago’s Totally Awesome CCBW Round-Up!

Saturnalia was a festival in ancient Rome celebrating the agricultural god Saturn. Gift-giving, role reversal, and general merriment was had by all Roman citizens and slaves. What once started out as a single day celebration eventually expanded to three (wacky...

Episode 17 – Bee’s Knees and Chicago Brews

We kick off Chicago Craft Beer Week with Chris Ferguson from Bee’s Knees, a food company specializing in craft beer snacks. Along with five nut varieties, we open five local beers based on pairing suggestions provided by Bee’s Knees.

Episode 16 – Tired Hands

We’re staying up late with four Tired Hands Brewing Company growlers, near-fresh from PA! After a day of drinking at the Mash Tun New Wave Brewer’s Bash – which we reminisce on throughout