Episode 222 – Polish Beers

polish beers

To commemorate everyone’s favorite early-May drinking holiday, we have six beers to celebrate Polish Constitution Day! (Thursday, May 3rd!)

Though this show cost only $15 to fill, its true value lies in providing the literal worst singular beer experience either us have ever had. Seriously. But there are also some killer value finds, along with stories of dumb eye injuries, the return of Black Phillip, and a Craig celery update.

This episode was intended to be a celebration of Polish Constitution Day, celebrated on May 3. With that in mind, we got 6 beers brewed in Poland and tried them on the show. As we are apt to do, we attempted to enliven the podcast with jokes and observations. These attempts were misguided and foolish. Our words were hurtful, xenophobic, and disrespectful to a rich and proud culture. We should have known better and will do better by you, the listener, going forward. You expect a certain level of discourse from this podcast and this episode is clearly below the high standards we set for ourselves each and every time we record it. To anyone we may have offended by this episode, we sincerely apologize and hope you give us another chance. We can and will do better.

ABV Chicago Episode 222 – Polish Beers

Beers Reviewed

Tyskie Browary Książęce – Tyskie Gronie (Pale Lager)

Browar Amber – Koźlak (Bock)

Browar Wąsosz – Miodowe (Honey Beer)

Lulu Craft Beer – Peach Gose

Grupa Żywiec – Żywiec Porter

Browar Okocim – Okocim O.K. Beer (Pale Lager/Pilsner)

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