We here at ABV Chicago love doing the podcast for you.  We are not in the beer industry; we are both teachers.  It costs money to produce, host, promote, and basically exist as a podcast.  We purchase or trade for most of the beer we have on the show, and with bills and children coming up, we could use the help more than ever.  We currently have three ways to help, Amazon, Patreon, and Paypal.

With Amazon, simply click the link and shop as you normally would.  If you purchase anything, we will get a percentage of the money spent.  It’s simple, and you don’t even have to spend extra money!

With Patreon, you sign up as a patron, and then choose to donate to us per episode.  All we are asking for is $1 per episode, which works out to $4 per month. (If you’d like to give more, we of course won’t stop you.)  If you do donate to us through Patreon, we will have special perks, such as exclusive raffles, your name on the website, and first crack at access to some events we are planning.  We might even release some behind the scenes stuff exclusively to Patreon supporters.

If commitment isn’t your thing, you can also do a one-time donation through Paypal. Just click the link below and enter an amount and, voila, you’re done!

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The podcast will continue as always, but if you appreciate and enjoy what we’re doing, please consider helping us out!  We would really appreciate it!

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