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plasma wave

Plasma Wave: Berry Rainbow | Brothership Brewing

Ah, childhood. Some of us have fond memories of our childhood, usually focusing on the things we did or experienced. One of the more fond memories for some (read: brewers) focus on things that we ate or, in some cases, still eat. This trend started simply enough with things like Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout from Cigar City, Abraxas from Perennial, and Proprietor’s 2013 from Goose Island. Soon enough things shifted from making beer taste like that food or candy to just simply adding it to the beer. And so we land on Brothership Brewing Plasma Wave.

monthly sampler january

ABV Chicago Monthly Sampler: January 2020

We’re starting off 2020 with a new feature for our website: the ABV Chicago Monthly Sampler. Each month we will each pick our six favorite beers we had and write about them, presenting them without any specific ranking. They could’ve...

Goose Diaspora

Episode 312 – Goose Diaspora

The complex story of Goose Island extends far beyond their innovations and acquisition, because throughout their history, they’ve cultivated a truly impressive brewing team. This appropriately-numbered episode is a tribute to all the brewers who developed under Goose’s tutelage and...

listener supported

Episode 302 – Listener Supported

We took last week to recover from FoBAB, so this week we dip into our short-storage vault for this episode we recorded back in May with five listener supported beers. This beer lineup features both minor misses and absolute hits,...