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peach pit

Episode 446 – The Peach Pit

Unlike a usual episode where we rub our fuzzy faces and gaze at our navels, this peach beer show comes with a twist. Certainly we review five local beers under a shared theme of “beer with peaches,” but we also...

local hefes

Episode 444 – Local Hefes

The hefeweizen is a pretty universally appreciated summer beer, and we’ve amazingly never dedicated an entire show to the style. But thankfully a bunch of cool local brewers have put their best non-hoppy hazies in cans for us to consider,...

mixed culture cooler

Episode 442 – Mixed Culture Cooler

Plunge that hand deep into the slushy depths of that beach-ready cooler and help yourself to a cold and refreshing serving of…lactobacillus, saccharomyces, and brettanomyces?! That’s right – we are packing our coolers with refreshing and fruity mixed culture sour...