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kent falls grise

Grisé | Kent Falls Brewing Co.

Breweries existing on a farm are not new. Usually it was a farm at some point that has been repurposed into a brewery. Rarely does that brewery exist on a working and sustainable farm (although that is becoming increasingly more common).

fobab 2021

ABV Chicago’s Fantasy FoBAB League 2021 Results

The return of the Festival of Wood and Barrel-Aged Beers in its 19th year brought many changes, and almost all of them were for the better. Utilizing the main floor and concourse of the Credit 1 Arena allowed for much...

fobab fantasy draft

Fantasy FoBAB 2021: Power Rankings

It’s kind of hard to believe, but FoBAB is back! Even though the venue has changed, and there will be a heightened focus on safety protocols both for Covid-related reasons and for improving the safety of all attendees through the...

collab lab

Episode 381 – The Collab Lab

More than just a mash paddle photoshoot for Instagram, these brewery collaborations focus on how their own pre-existing strong recipes can complement those of another. Enter the collab lab with us, as we taste through five inspired collaborations from local...