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triptych forces way beyond our control

Forces Way Beyond Our Control | Triptych Brewing

It honestly feels like we feature Triptych Brewing more than we do. The variety of styles they produce typically match what a brewery like Revolution puts out. Only difference is Triptych is about two hours south in Savoy, IL and their beer infrequently makes it up to Chicago

kent falls grise

Grisé | Kent Falls Brewing Co.

Breweries existing on a farm are not new. Usually it was a farm at some point that has been repurposed into a brewery. Rarely does that brewery exist on a working and sustainable farm (although that is becoming increasingly more common).

jaago azadi

Jaago | Azadi Brewing

I remember having a certain debate about bands back when I was in high school in the late 90s. Did you like slower songs or the faster songs? When was this band at their best in your opinion? Some common bands debated – Nine Inch Nails (faster), Smashing Pumpkins (slower), Soundgarden (faster), Pearl Jam (even). I like Nine Inch Nails’ slow stuff (see Hurt, Something I Can Never Have, La Mer), but I think they’re at their best when it’s a faster song. And so I’ve arrived at Azadi Brewing’s Jaago.

afterthought saison meer

Saison Meer: Lilac (Wine Barrel Aged) | Afterthought

It has finally happened. After some delay (mainly due to the pandemic), Afterthought finally has a taproom to call their own. Featuring an extensive tap and bottle list, saison lovers in the area have their home. Mike Thorpe has been saving beer from each of his releases since 2019, so there’s no shortage of bottle options available for consumption. With so many options available, go for the wine barrel-aged beer. This guidance has led me to picking Saison Meer: Lilac (Wine Barrel Aged).