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afterthought saison meer

Saison Meer: Lilac (Wine Barrel Aged) | Afterthought

It has finally happened. After some delay (mainly due to the pandemic), Afterthought finally has a taproom to call their own. Featuring an extensive tap and bottle list, saison lovers in the area have their home. Mike Thorpe has been saving beer from each of his releases since 2019, so there’s no shortage of bottle options available for consumption. With so many options available, go for the wine barrel-aged beer. This guidance has led me to picking Saison Meer: Lilac (Wine Barrel Aged).

milk of the murder hornet

Milk of the Murder Hornet – Peach | Hubbard’s Cave

I can’t believe I have a favorite milkshake IPA. Heck, I also have a favorite milkshake IPA series. (For those wondering, Hop Butcher’s Blazed Orange Milkshake (BOM) and Maplewood’s Mr. Shakey series, respectively.) I don’t really go crazy for the newest milkshake IPA release or even think to order one when I’m at a brewery. I’d sooner go with a West Coast IPA or something light, I guess. So it was divine providence that I even got to try Hubbard’s Cave Milk of the Murder Hornet.

maplewood brunch punch

Brunch Punch Bramble Berry | Maplewood Brewing

April has arrived and so has warmer weather (on most days) for Chicago. That means outdoor/patio dining can be a thing again, which means more opportunities to brunch (I guess, not a brunch guy). Maplewood has created a line of beers to help get you through brunch, their Brunch Punch series.

third space mocha pie

Deconstructed Dessert Mocha Pie | Third Space

Third Space Brewing, at least for me, has become a must stop whenever I go to or through Milwaukee. They brew a range of styles and almost all hit their intended mark. Things like Happy Place and Unite the Clans win awards and are sold at Brewers’ games. Their stouts, on the other hand, currently sit at a .333 batting average with me, with only Mystic Knot being a home run. (The other two being Double Barrel Nexus and Haunted Barrel 2019.) I’m hopeful their Deconstructed Dessert Mocha Pie can get that batting average to .500.