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abv sampler may 2020

ABV Chicago Monthly Sampler: May 2020

As I sit here assembling this post, taproom patios in the suburbs are preparing to open for the first time in months. Chicago won’t be far behind. While I’m excited for a return to somewhat normalcy, I’m also hesitant to...

monthly sampler january

ABV Chicago Monthly Sampler: January 2020

We’re starting off 2020 with a new feature for our website: the ABV Chicago Monthly Sampler. Each month we will each pick our six favorite beers we had and write about them, presenting them without any specific ranking. They could’ve...


Episode 292 – Oktoberfest Blind

Like hooded sweatshirts and nutmeg-dusted coffee drinks, Oktoberfests make the impending colder temperatures much more bearable. Is it beer’s most popular seasonal? Probably! We had no problem finding nine different Oktoberfest/Märzen beers, most of which were brewed right here in...