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energy city batasserie mint chocolate chip

Bâtisserie Mint Chocolate Chip | Energy City

Come with me, if you will, on my mint stout journey. I love Thin Mints and Andes Mints (Thin moreso than Andes) so I would naturally gravitate towards mint stouts. The first one I can remember having was Perennial Artisan...

monthly sampler march 2022

ABV Chicago Monthly Sampler: March 2022

Each month, we like to highlight twelve beers we found personally interesting, delicious, or exciting from (mostly) local sources with the hopes of passing on our recommendations to those that are interested in reading arbitrary reviews. Some of these drinks...

grape expectations

Episode 423 – Grape Expectations

We don’t always have the best luck with fruit feature shows, so we hand our expectations over to some of our most trusted local brewers to give grapes a chance. All five bottles on this show feature unique grapes from...