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hot rev summer

Episode 391 – Hot Rev Summer

Revolution Brewing‘s mission is to dominate your whole calendar. They release one of the most coveted barrel-aged beers in the last few years as a surprise for the summer along with two returning favorites, but they also let you wash...

midsummer deep wood

Midsummer Deep Wood Classic | Revolution

Revolution Brewing continues to attempt to take over the calendar with their barrel-aged Deep Wood releases. This year’s summer release happens only once but comprises three beers including one of – if not the – most desired beer in their portfolio. With all due respect to the MLB, I’m calling this release the Midsummer Deep Wood Classic.

revolution cuvée de grâce 2021

Cuvée de Grâce 2021 | Revolution Brewing

The first release of this year’s Off Season Deep Wood happens to be a beer released during the 2019-2020 Deep Wood season – Cuvée de Grâce. The blend changes each release, so this year’s isn’t the same as the last one. Revolution has a fair stock of barrels to choose from for each year’s blend and this one does not lack ambition. (It’s better to have Revolution explain the blend, so click here for full details on it.) Let’s get at it!

staright ryeway

Episode 365 – Revolution: Straight to the Ryeway

We send off this season of Revolution‘s Deep Wood series by opening up some of their finest ‘wines. Big on barrel variation, this lineup of barleywines and ryewines features a few of the best things Revolution has ever done with...