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revolution deep wood 2020 part 2

Deep Wood 2020 Part 2 | Revolution Brewing

Round 3 of Revolution’s Deep Wood 2020 pulls into the station! This drop features three brews that Revolution has released before, some more recent than others. There’s a little more variety here, as the previous two rounds featured only stouts, while this one brings a stout and two barleywines. Let’s get hammered!

deep wood

Revolution Deep Wood 2020 (Part 1)

Revolution’s Deep Wood finally returns! While Thundertaker can be considered the first release, the release of Deth’s Tar (and variants) typically signals the beginning of both Deep Wood and stout season. As with all years canned, this release features the base Deth’s Tar and the caffeinated Café Deth and a new, never before canned variant of Maple Deth.

revolution mixed berry ryeway

Revolution Brewing | Mixed Berry Ryeway

Revolution’s at it again. Last year, they decided to release Strawberry Jacket and Honey Jacket during the summer heat – and it worked. This year Revolution did the same thing, albeit all online due to the pandemic. Supermassive Café Deth...