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revolution mixed berry ryeway

Revolution Brewing | Mixed Berry Ryeway

Revolution’s at it again. Last year, they decided to release Strawberry Jacket and Honey Jacket during the summer heat – and it worked. This year Revolution did the same thing, albeit all online due to the pandemic. Supermassive Café Deth...

revolution supermassive café deth

Revolution Brewing Supermassive Café Deth

Revolution’s releases have always been events. Their early releases (Very Mad Cow, Straight Jacket, the Genes) were more focused on the beer being released with a generous helping of some delicious Revolution brewpub bites. With the recent move to cans,...

deeper and woodier

Episode 316 – Revolution: Deeper and Woodier

The second half of Revolution‘s most recent Deep Wood series is all about the barrels, with beers featuring ambitious blends and extended aging to close out the brewery’s tenth year on a high note. We sample five beers from the...