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fruit stupid

Episode 422 – Fruit Stupid

Sometimes you just gotta say, “What the f***?” and open five cans absolutely crammed full of fruit slurry and let the whole notion of beer just leave your mind. We’re down with the thiccness for this episode, watching our glasses...

cold ipas

Episode 413 – Cold IPAs

The Cold IPA itself is an oxymoron. So is it a hopped-up lager, or a lagered-down IPA? Or is it neither? We speak with Doug Veliky, CFO of Revolution Brewing and industry trend-spotter, about why the Cold IPA could be...

best beers

Ryan’s Top 50 Beers of 2021

The criteria for the list is simple: these are the best beers that I had this year that were released this year. I undoubtedly left off many other great beers I had this year because I’m not a very good...