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oak park microbrew review 2019

Oak Park Micro Brew Review 2019

If your only experience with beer fests is attending the Oak Park Micro Brew Review each year, you’d think they were all run smoothly, with plentiful water, reasonably clean and available port-o-potties, and smiling brewery employees pouring a great mix...

haze buds

Episode 277 – Haze Buds

What’s better than hanging with your buds and sipping on some murky hop suds? We don’t know because everyone’s preferences are subjective! On this episode, we drink five hazy IPAs that happen to be collaborations between local breweries and their...

mikerphone duets

Episode 272 – Mikerphone Duets

Mike Pallen and his crew at Mikerphone are some of the most prolific collaborators in the business, and each year they expand their Cool Beer Friends Club by throwing an invitational they call Smells Like A Beer Fest. So to...


Episode 237 – BRUT by Chicago

We finally realize our champagne wishes and IPA dreams as we gather some of the first beers released locally under the new Brut IPA style.