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barrel-aged saisons

Episode 410 – Barrel-Aged Saisons

An oasis in a month of enormous beers, this episode resets our palates to ready us for the remainder of Barrel-Aged December. But that’s not to say that saisons don’t have quite a few tricks up their sleeves, like the...

kent falls grise

Grisé | Kent Falls Brewing Co.

Breweries existing on a farm are not new. Usually it was a farm at some point that has been repurposed into a brewery. Rarely does that brewery exist on a working and sustainable farm (although that is becoming increasingly more common).

supermoon launchdown

Launchdown | Supermoon Brewing Co.

Supermoon began when Rob Brennan moved back to Milwaukee from Chicago. You might recognize Rob (as I did) from his time at Penrose Brewing in Geneva, IL. He helped start the brewery, acting as the sales manager for its first four years. Supermoon focuses on mixed fermentation farmhouse-style beers. Located in the Bay View area of Milwaukee (like a four minute drive from 1840 Brewing), the former general store-style building will eventually become Supermoon’s taproom. Beers are released when they’re ready and typically there’s a release every month or so. Launchdown is one of those releases.

barreled souls

Episode 405 – Barreled Souls

We’re finally caught up on Craig’s summer Northeast trip which took him to Barreled Souls, who do 100% oak-fermented beers out of their Maine location. The flavors are big and bold, and some work much better for us than others....