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lagers wood

Episode 464 – Lagers In Wood

It’s not just stouts, barleywines, and sours that should receive the benefits of wood-aging. For our final episode of Barrel-Aged December, we try five beers from breweries brave enough to take their drinkable cold-fermented beers and let them rest in...

barrel aged half acre

Episode 463 – Barrel-Aged Half Acre (Non-Benthic Edition)

Focusing on drinkable lagers, pales, and IPAs has already carried Half Acre to legend-status locally, but their barrel program has developed into an undeniable force over the last few years – and we’re not even talking about Benthic for this...

bottle logic technical challenge

Technical Challenge | Bottle Logic

Finding something you didn’t expect on the shelf does not happen anymore. Thanks to social media most people know everything going on with bottle shops. When the hot drops hit. When Easter Eggs hit the shelves. Everything. So when I...