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bottle logic technical challenge

Technical Challenge | Bottle Logic

Finding something you didn’t expect on the shelf does not happen anymore. Thanks to social media most people know everything going on with bottle shops. When the hot drops hit. When Easter Eggs hit the shelves. Everything. So when I...

Three Year Bourbon Barrel Barleywine | Central Waters

Ah yes, Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Barleywine (BBB). Back when they were teenagers, Central Waters would release BBB during their anniversary party in late January along with their anniversary beer. Apparently that hasn’t been the case in the recent past,...

triptych forces way beyond our control

Forces Way Beyond Our Control | Triptych Brewing

It honestly feels like we feature Triptych Brewing more than we do. The variety of styles they produce typically match what a brewery like Revolution puts out. Only difference is Triptych is about two hours south in Savoy, IL and their beer infrequently makes it up to Chicago

best beers

Ryan’s Top 50 Beers of 2021

The criteria for the list is simple: these are the best beers that I had this year that were released this year. I undoubtedly left off many other great beers I had this year because I’m not a very good...