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bourbon county 2020

Bourbon County 2020 Too Soon Variant Rankings

The Bourbon County 2020 lineup has finally been revealed! Although it feels like the announcement was made later than usual (but then again, everything feels later than usual nowadays), it still brought about the usual fervor and blog posts and...

barrel heat

Episode 340 – Barrel Heat

Our passion for barrel-aged beers doesn’t disappear in August – it achieves a steady simmer below the surface, always ready to unleash itself when the opportunity arises. For this episode we have five barrel-aged beers – all different styles of...

chicago hop leaders

Episode 339 – Chicago Hop Leaders

Recent years have seen a surprising emergence of Chicago as one of the top destinations for hop enthusiasts, bolstered by a few well-publicized national medals and hype-inducing haze makers. But there were those that helped reshape our palates in the...