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Kveik Fest 2019

Far more important and intelligent words have been said about kveik yeasts, like Claire Bullen’s beautiful, thorough piece for Good Beer Hunting, or Kate Bernot’s expertly concise explanation on The Takeout. And of course Larsblog. Then there’s Milk the Funk,...

oak park microbrew review 2019

Oak Park Micro Brew Review 2019

If your only experience with beer fests is attending the Oak Park Micro Brew Review each year, you’d think they were all run smoothly, with plentiful water, reasonably clean and available port-o-potties, and smiling brewery employees pouring a great mix...

oak park microbrew review 2018

Oak Park Microbrew Review 2018

The Oak Park Microbrew Review is the unofficial End of Summer Beer Festival Season festival, in my mind. (Which is great because we all need to start preparing for Fall Beer Festival Season, which starts next weekend.) In its 11th...