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oak park microbrew review 2018

Oak Park Microbrew Review 2018

The Oak Park Microbrew Review is the unofficial End of Summer Beer Festival Season festival, in my mind. (Which is great because we all need to start preparing for Fall Beer Festival Season, which starts next weekend.) In its 11th...

hop butcher grid

Ryan’s Top 50 Beers of 2017

Take a little trip with me. Come back to a time when people cared about year-end lists – approximately three and a half weeks ago, or perhaps never – and allow me to share my completely arbitrary rankings of beers...

can do chicago

Episode 174 – Can Do, Chicago!

We’re not quite ready to let another Chicago Craft Beer Week go, so we grabbed five new-ish canned beers from Chicago breweries to review. This show also serves as our Beer Under Glass festival recap – at least, what we...