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milk money colorful noise

Colorful Noise | Milk Money Brewing

I always get excited when new breweries open up. A new take on beers, sometimes a new and different area, and possibly some food thrown in there. Milk Money Brewing recently (December 2020 or February 2021 depending on who you ask) opened as the first brewery in La Grange, IL. They combine craft beer with some Michelin-starred firepower backing the food side of things. But we’re here to talk about the beer, and given my current proclivity towards non-hazy IPAs, I naturally chose to get Milk Money’s Colorful Noise IPA.

afterthought saison meer

Saison Meer: Lilac (Wine Barrel Aged) | Afterthought

It has finally happened. After some delay (mainly due to the pandemic), Afterthought finally has a taproom to call their own. Featuring an extensive tap and bottle list, saison lovers in the area have their home. Mike Thorpe has been saving beer from each of his releases since 2019, so there’s no shortage of bottle options available for consumption. With so many options available, go for the wine barrel-aged beer. This guidance has led me to picking Saison Meer: Lilac (Wine Barrel Aged).

Mikerphone Smells Like A Beer Fest 2021

Mike Pallen is hands-down one of the nicest people in beer, and his ever-expanding friends list is proof enough of that. Each year, Mikerphone’s Smells Like A Beer Fest is a showcase of the extremely talented friends and collaboration partners...

west coast-style chicago

Episode 382 – West Coast-Style Chicago

Trends with IPAs come and go, but the West Coast-style IPA is foundational for what craft beer is today. So when a bunch of awesome local breweries set aside their hazy tendencies to deliver something more bitter and clear, we’re...