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triptych forces way beyond our control

Forces Way Beyond Our Control | Triptych Brewing

It honestly feels like we feature Triptych Brewing more than we do. The variety of styles they produce typically match what a brewery like Revolution puts out. Only difference is Triptych is about two hours south in Savoy, IL and their beer infrequently makes it up to Chicago

non-alcoholic adventure

Episode 414 – Non-Alcoholic Adventure

Though our very existence denies it, we love the idea of Dry January – a time when people can re-evaluate their habits around beer and explore more sober and healthy options. But we never really intended on doing this show...


Abraxas (2021) | Perennial Artisan Ales

Abraxas and I have a nice little history together. I tried it for the first time and subsequently purchased bottles way back in 2012, the same day of the first Revolution Deep Wood release of Very Mad Cow and the...

cold ipas

Episode 413 – Cold IPAs

The Cold IPA itself is an oxymoron. So is it a hopped-up lager, or a lagered-down IPA? Or is it neither? We speak with Doug Veliky, CFO of Revolution Brewing and industry trend-spotter, about why the Cold IPA could be...