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deep wood

Revolution Deep Wood 2020 (Part 1)

Revolution’s Deep Wood finally returns! While Thundertaker can be considered the first release, the release of Deth’s Tar (and variants) typically signals the beginning of both Deep Wood and stout season. As with all years canned, this release features the base Deth’s Tar and the caffeinated Café Deth and a new, never before canned variant of Maple Deth.

gabf memories

Episode 349 – GABF Memories

For the first time since this podcast started almost seven years ago, there’s no trip to Denver to drink beer at the Great American Beer Festival – and we’re feeling a little sad about it. So we embark on a...

drekker braaaaaaaains

Drekker Brewing | Peach Passionfruit Braaaaaaaains

Over-fruited sours. Smoothie sours. Whatever you want to call them, they sell amazingly well and make great for great Instagram filter pictures. No matter whether you think these creations are beer or not, they remain very tasty and potentially dangerous...