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GABF 2022: Illinois Pour List Preview

For the first time in 3 years, the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) returns to an in-person beer event! While they did cut the number of breweries from about 800 in 2019 to about 381 this year, it’s still an...

great taste of the midwest 2022

Great Taste of the Midwest 2022

The Great Taste of the Midwest – a rite of passage during the summer for a beer drinker – returned to Olin Park on August 13, 2022. Due to it being an outdoor affair, the Great Taste managed to only...

haze court

Episode 429 – Haze Court

We’ve been summoned to do our civic duty in Haze Court, giving five hazy beers their due process through our arbitrary…arbitration. We’re ready to be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that we should drop the charges against haze, and sentence...