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weldwerks 3 weirdwerks

Episode 459 – Weldwerks 3: Weirdwerks

In this return to one of our favorite Colorado brewery’s beers, we find some of the more offbeat and odd offerings from Weldwerks. Also, Craig catches up with co-founder and head brewer Neil Fisher to chat about how they’ve decided...

pre-fobab events 2022

Pre-FoBAB 2022 Events Guide

The Festival of Wood and Barrel-Aged Beers celebrates its 20th year in 2022, returning to the Credit Union 1 Arena for its second year. But something else is returning this year as well with a vengeance – the FoBAB pre-party....

denver rare beer tasting 2022

Denver Rare Beer Tasting 2022

The Denver Rare Beer Tasting. The one event I’ve heard about but never had the foresight to purchase tickets before they sold out. This year’s, their Lucky 13th, did not sell out, which I’ll attribute to the after effects of...