Author: abvchicago

craft seltzers

Episode 344 – Craft Seltzers

We held out so long on seltzers, until the exact moment when we saw some of our favorite breweries releasing their takes on the flavored malt beverage craze. Are they any more refined or impressive than the tacky trendsetters filling...

double your fun

Episode 343 – Double Your Fun

When a brewery releases a double dry-hopped version of one of their go-to hoppy beers, it’s often a surefire hit with consumers. Though it has somehow become synonymous with hazy beers, double dry-hopping has a longer history of adding bombastic...

ks show

Episode 342 – The KS Show

After delousing in quarantine for 14 days, our Kansas (KS) show is ready to bring our State Show series up to #24, with the help of loyal listener Don Kasak. We traverse the state via quaffable liquid as we review...