Episode 107 – New Glarus R&D 2015

NewGlarus RDSlide

From the caves and laboratories of New Glarus, these four beers undergo our own “research and development” – by which we mean we “review” them and get surprisingly “drunk.” But the beers are of the usual New Glarus quality, so it gives us a lot to talk about: if Barney Rubble smells worse than a band-aid; what a “funk blanket” is and how to use it to get out of your Cicerone exam; and whether or not Craig has ever eaten celery. We also give some tips on beers with Belgian yeast and read an absurd poem.

ABV Chicago Episode 107 – New Glarus R&D 2015

Beers Reviewed

Wild Bitter

Vintage 2014

Wild Barrel

Golden Ale

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