Episode 153 – Cypress Grove Meets Chicago

Our new best friends at Cypress Grove make some of the finest goat’s milk cheeses in the country, and they sent us some to pair with local beers. Win your New Year’s party by learning from our pairing experiments, or find out which cheeses to make a staple of all your future bottle shares. We learn a bit about rennet, apply a few brewing ideas to cheesemaking, and once again fail to break the curse that eternally binds us together. Live deliciously!

ABV Chicago Episode 153 – Cypress Grove Meets Chicago

Beer and Cheese Pairings

Two Brothers Twenty-Plus Pilsner and Purple Haze

Suller’s Past Maiden Berliner Weisse and Humboldt Fog

Off Color Sibling Rivalry Tripel and Truffle Tremor

Hop Butcher Hoppy Days Are Here Again IPA and Bermuda Triangle

Arcade Brewing Mega Milk II* and Midnight Moon

*Note: This episode was recorded back in November before we – or anyone – could anticipate Arcade Brewery’s sudden and unfortunate closing. We had many of their beers on the show over the years, and we will miss their contributions to the ever-changing Chicago beer landscape. We sincerely wish Chris, Jay, and Lance the best in all of their future endeavors.

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