Episode 193 – Cali Cans

cali cans

We broke our self-imposed hop hiatus in spectacular fashion, thanks to listener Mike Rousseau. Five super sexy hoppy cans from the Golden State don’t even stand a chance here, as no drop is left undrank. Thus begins a journey of pure inebriation, as we explore Craig’s doppelgangers, draw up some sick face tattoos, get largely aromatic, and perseverate on label fonts and kerning. There’s a game called “Rap Songs All White Guys Know the Lyrics To”, and we try to hold on to the memory of Pudgy Craig. Long live Pudgy Craig.

ABV Chicago Episode 193 – Cali Cans

Beers Reviewed

Fieldwork Brewing – Sea Farmer (IPA with sea salt and grapefruit)

Fieldwork Brewing – Pulp (IPA)

Fieldwork Brewing – King Citra (Double IPA)

Monkish Brewing/The Answer – Red Beans and Rice Didn’t Miss Her (Double IPA)

Bottle Logic Brewing – START: Konami Code (Double IPA)



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