Episode 2 – Hill Farmstead

Hill Farmstead 1

We take one for the team and imbibe five Hill Farmstead beers, plus one Grassroots brew.  Plus Craig talks about his trip up to Hill Farmstead during the summer and there’s more male moaning than should be recorded.  Ever.

ABV Chicago Episode 2 – Hill Farmstead



Sankt Hans (Grassroots)

Phenomenology of Spirit (2013)

Twilight of the Idols (2012)

Birth of Tragedy (2012)

Genealogy of Morals (2013)



1. Genealogy of Morals

2. Birth of Tragedy

3. Twilight of the Idols

4. Phenomenology of Spirit

5. Clara

6. Sankt Hans


1. Birth of Tragedy

2. Geneaolgy of Morals

3. Twilight of the Idols

4. Clara

5. Sankt Hans

6. Phenomenology of Spirit

This episode is dedicated to Craig’s dad, who passed away right before the recording of this episode.


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