Episode 26 – Goose Island with Brett Porter

Brett Porter

Brewmaster Brett Porter sits down with us at the Goose Island Brewery to drink beer and discuss a variety of subjects, focusing on the exciting things happening at his rapidly expanding brewery. He talks about this year’s Pitchfork beer, why Madame Rose is the best wine barrel beer they’ve done, and the secrets behind why BCBS is so good and why this year’s variants will be even better. We’ll also talk about Lagunitas, Bob Mould, the genealogy of mulberries, FOBAB, the pastoral beauty of Idaho, meeting Killer Mike and El-P, the maybe returns of Baudoinia and BCBS Rare, AB-InBev’s impressive stable of endless resources at his disposal, and Craig’s suggestion of finally doing that Pear BCBS. And that’s just barely scratching the surface. Expect to learn a lot from this one, folks.

ABV Chicago Episode 26 – Goose Island with Brett Porter

Here are the beers we drink:

1. Recommended (German-style pils for the Pitchfork Music Festival)

2. Endless IPA (as a lesson on limited oxidation over time)

3. Madame Rose

4. Bourbon County Brand Stout 2013

5. Backyard Rye Bourbon County Brand Stout

6. Side Project’s Brett Venture #1 with Lacto (for some Brett on Brett action)

Would you rather read about it?  Ryan wrote a detailed article about the experience here.

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