Episode 40 – Founders Brewing Co.


Founders Brewing Company has been influencing the way Midwesterners drink for almost two decades, so we show our appreciation by drinking their beers to excess. We review eight diverse 12-ounce offerings from the Grand Rapids brewery, only pausing briefly to play a little Founding Fathers trivia. Well, actually, the beers are so good that we get obscenely inebriated and talk about Craig’s DJ name, fond Breakfast Stout memories, getting Hop Fades™ for FoBAB, and who’d win in a fight between us. It’s that kind of show, folks!

ABV Chicago Episode 40 – Founders Brewing Co.


1.Backwoods Bastard

2. Breakfast Stout

3. Imperial Stout

4. Mosaic Promise

5. Dark Penance

6. Devil Dancer (2012)

7. KBS (2014)

8. Harvest Ale


1. Breakfast Stout

2. Dark Penance

3. Imperial Stout

4. KBS (2014)

5. Backwoods Bastard

6. Devil Dancer (2012)

7. Mosaic Promise

8. Harvest Ale

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