The FoBAB 2017 Unofficial Strategy Guide

fobab strategy guide

ABV Chicago’s Unofficial Strategy Guide to the 2017 Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beers. Tips to keep you from blacking out, what to drink, and how to get to and from the event safely.

The 15th annual Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beers approaches, and you’re going to need a plan. First of all, get tickets. As of this posting, two sessions are still on sale. And though it’d be irresponsible for me to tell you what to do with your $85, if you choose to spend it I assure you that it will be completely worth it. Not only does it help fund the essential ICBG, but you will have a dozen or so beers that are better than anything you will drink for the 364 days that follow. Brewers from all over the country send beers they’ve been perfecting for months – or even years – that they deem worthy of competition amongst their other highly skilled peers. Remember when people used to line up for barrel-aged bottle releases instead of turbid citrus-slurry IPAs in 16 ounce cans? This is like a time warp back to three years ago, and remember how happy we were back then?

Beyond the strategy guide below, there are a few more essential things you should do to conquer FoBAB:

1. Eat a large meal beforehand. Do not expect to do anything more than snack at the festival itself, as there are very limited food options.

2. Drink water. Between every pour, put some water in that taster glass to rinse it, and then drink it. Clear your palate, clean your glass, and save your ass at the end of the night.

3, Get a ride. Under no circumstances should you drive away from FoBAB. You will be drinking irresponsibly – do not drive.

For the strategy guide below, feel free to peruse in anticipation or print it out and bring it with (sorry it’s three pages – we tried for two but it just wasn’t possible). We have left off many, many excellent breweries that will be bringing fantastic beers, so if it sounds good, try it! And for more detailed tips about the fest itself and great breweries to look out for, check out our “FoBABlin’ 2” episode when it comes out on Wednesday, November 8th on iTunes or on this website. See you at FoBAB!

Download the strategy guide below.





FoBAB Strategy Guide 2017

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