2016: A Beer To Remember, A Year To Forget

2016 is finally over (is everyone alive?), so it’s high time to tie a bow on this year officially. So here is the official Top 10 list (after the clock struck midnight) and links to our 2016 Year in Beer, plus some other fun facts.

10 Most Downloaded Episodes (final)

1. Hop Butcher For the World

2. Bourbon County 2016

3. Holiday Party 2016

4. GABF 2016

5. FoBABlin’

6. Dark Lord

7. Goose Island Clybourn II

8. Trillium, Again

9. Midwest BA Stouts Blind

10. Mikerphone Remastered

Least Downloaded Episode Mother’s

Most Frequent Guest MC Johnsen (6 – Cider House Rulez; Trillium, Again; Best of Low ABV, Volume 1; Darkness; GABF 2016; Holiday Party 2016)

Number of episodes where Gushy the Bunker Bucket was present – 7 (First Appearance: Funk Factory Geuzeria)

Number of episodes where Gushy’s number was called – 2 (The Seasons, Cypress Grove Meets Chicago)

Number of episodes featuring Beers Against Humanity – 2 (The Seasons, Une Annee: Le Seul)

2016 Listicles

Ryan’s Most Arbitrary Countdown Part 1

Ryan’s Most Arbitrary Countdown Part 2

Craig’s Most Memorable Beers

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