Episode 137 – Best of Low ABV, Volume 1


It’s New Baby Hiatus time at ABV Studios, so we have gathered some of our favorite Low ABV episodes that were previously only available to our Patreon donors. Uh, sorry Patreon donors. But you’ll hear four beers reviewed, and a very loose – and edgy – Ryan & Craig on these mini shows that are sure to be the talk of Craft Beer Town. There’s an MC Johnsen appearance, SMaSH desires, 90s rock karaoke,  hot takes on some local breweries, a story about a 26-inch hot dog, and a noxious cloud of Hoobastank – all while we seemingly look to find the tag beyond “Explicit” on iTunes. To get access to a whole mess more of these types of shows, go to www.patreon.com/abvchicago and donate to help keep our show listener-supported an ad-free.

ABV Chicago Episode 137 – Best of Low ABV, Volume 1

Low ABVs Compiled

Low ABV 2 – Buckledown’s Citra Clencher

Low ABV 4 – Cycle Brewing’s Tuesday

Low ABV 7 – Lord Hobo’s Boom Sauce

Low ABV 10 – Moody Tongue’s BA Chocolate Barleywine

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