Episode 29 – Beermiscuous

Paul of Beermiscuous

For this show, we’re at Beermiscuous in Lakeview, and we “drink around” with owner Paul Leamon to review some great tap offerings and learn about his unique beer café concept. Paul gives us a thorough background on the business, from finding inspiration internationally to overcoming licensing headaches and finding the perfect location. We’ll learn about why proper glassware matters, the ordering habits of customers, and the many weekly events happening at Beermiscuous. We are also visited by head “beerista” Austin Bainard, and he talks about how his background in the Chicago craft beer industry helped fill the tap lines with so many delicious, local brews. Which we drink a lot of on this episode. Never has our drunkenness been so public.

ABV Chicago Episode 29 – Beermiscuous


1. Une Année Tripel

2. Buckledown Stompbox

3. DESTIHL Nit Wit

4. Moody Tongue Cold-pressed Paw Paw

5. Temperance Smittytown


1. DESTIHL Nit Wit

2. Buckledown Stompbox

3. Une Année Tripel

4. Temperance Smittytown

5. Moody Tongue Cold-pressed Paw Paw

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