Episode 205 – F*** Off 2017

f*** off 2017

The perfect soundtrack to setting your 2017 calendars ablaze over your electric stove, this episode features five beers that are, like, sooooo 2017. We kiss off this s***ty year with a combination of hazy IPAs and sweet/pastry stouts before the World Premiere of our brand new parody song, “We Didn’t Start the Fire (2017 Beer Edition)”. Other topics include Trader Joe’s mysterious Island calligraphy, desecration of a sacred Ullgump, “Pimp My Vape Rig”, and how CBS is Independence Day.  Van Damme Milkshake!

ABV Chicago Episode 205 – F*** Off 2017

Anchor Brewing/Trader Joe’s – Joe Joe’s Cookie Stout  (Milk Stout)

Trinity Brewing – Hype Forager (East Coast Super Juicy Turbid IPA)

Sierra Nevada Brewing – Hazy Little Thing IPA

Marz Community Brewing – Pastry Boy (Double Milk Stout w/ graham crackers, lactose, cinnamon, and vanilla)

Founders Brewing – Canadian Breakfast Stout (2017) (Imperial coffee stout with chocolate aged in maple syrup bourbon barrels)

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