Episode 34 – The Hoppening

The Hoppening

This week, we resist the bacteria-born urge to kill ourselves by downing six random hoppy beers!  We’ll regale you with stories of our trip to Decorah, Iowa, and then get off topic a lot as the beer tastes better and better. Then we spend half of the time insulting each other, and Ryan explains to Craig why M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Happening” is so bad that it deserves tribute. Prepare for the TWISTTTTTTT.

ABV Chicago Episode 34 – The Hoppening

Play Hop Bingo along with the episode!  Great drinking game! ABV Hop Bingo Card


1. Toppling Goliath – Sosus

2. New Glarus – Scream IIPA

3. Toppling Goliath – King Sue

4. Bell’s – Mars: The Bringer of War

5. Bell’s – The Oracle

6. Modern Times – Fortunate Islands


1. Toppling Goliath – King Sue

2. Bell’s – Mars: The Bringer of War

3. Toppling Goliath – Sosus

4. New Glarus – Scream IIPA

5. Modern Times – Fortunate Islands

6. Bell’s – The Oracle

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