Episode 36 – Chicago After Dark

Chicago After Dark

Turn the lights down low, because we’re drinking six dark Chicago beers of varying styles. We attempt to eloquently marvel at dark malts and their multiple applications, but then we play another filthy round of Beers Against Humanity. Aside from our usual reviews, topics include cat huffing, actresses named Emma, Robot Dong, proper cookie pairings, awkward sexy talk, and Randy Mosher. And we’ll be very pleasantly surprised by a few beers. (This episode is rated NC-17 for audio nipple.)

ABV Chicago Episode 36 – Chicago After Dark


1. Goose Island Night Stalker (2012)

2. Ale Syndicate Omega Midnight

3. Only Child Night Terrors

4. 5 Rabbit 5 Vulture

5. Metropolitan Arc Welder

6. Off Color Scurry


1. 5 Rabbit 5 Vulture

2. Goose Island Night Stalker (2012)

3. Ale Syndicate Omega Midnight

4. Only Child Night Terrors

5. Off Color Scurry

6. Metropolitan Arc Welder

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