Episode 221 – The Old/Fresh Blind Test

aged beers blind

It’s a HIGH concept week here at ABV Labs as we determine whether certain beloved beers should or should not be aged. We have six beers to drink: two vintages of three different beers, and we approach each set blind to see if we can tell the difference. We learn quite a bit about beers and aging, but most importantly, we learn a lot about life….and love. We pitch to get an actual-size Craig bobblehead built, Ryan gleeks with no regard, and we both assail your ears with a barrage of threadless pop culture references beyond our usual so-called restraint. And if love of High Life makes you uncomfortable – morally or physically – you may want to have that skip button ready for the last segment.

ABV Chicago Episode 221 – The Old/Fresh Blind Test

Beer Vintages Tasted Blindly

New Glarus Brewing – Belgian Red: 2013* vs. 2018

Founders Brewing Co. – KBS: 2015 vs. 2018

Off Color Brewing – Eeek!: 2016 vs. 2018

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