Episode 48 – Holiday Special


As a gift to you, we brought back almost all of our guests from the first year for a holiday party recording. But since Ryan was absent, Craig took his one mic and brought people together to review some beers. In this episode, we sit down to share some of the audio from the party while tasting some new local stouts. There will be beer reviews and drunken talk of broken Prius locks, slash fiction, Kermit impressions, and Craig’s hatred of nature. The guest list includes Chris Betts (Transient Artisan Ales), Nick Burica (Middle Brow Beer Co.), Marie Cummins (Down the Hatch), David Sullivan (Supple Knuckles Massage Parlor), Matt LaFleur (LaFleur Illustration), Dennis Lee (The Pizzle), Kim Leshinski (Hail to the Ale), and Ken Getty (C.H.A.O.S. Brew Club).

ABV Chicago Episode 48 – Holiday Special

Beers Had By Craig and Ryan:

Une Annee Feats of ********

Half Acre Big Hugs (2014)

Holiday Party Beers:

Transient Whiskey Barrel Presque

Mystic Chardonnary Barrel Fermented Saison

de Garde Cran Bu

de Garde Kiwi Bu

St. Bernardus Christmas Ale

Pipeworks Santa Vs. Unicorn

Oxbow Synthesis

Slapshot McLaughlin’s Red Eye Coffee Porter

Transient Sporadic #2 (Wine)

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