Episode 197 – Blinded by the Haze


Be cautious beer audio traveler, there’s a dense fog advisory covering this episode as we blindly taste through six New England-style hoppy beers. We pit murky IPAs and DIPAs from Illinois against the opaque juice bombs from other states in a blind faceoff-matchup-tasting thing, because we’ve run out of original ideas. Despite our presumptuous hazy expertise, we are still shocked by a few of the results. Beyond that, we talk about around-the-house jeans, beard tips, prospective beer names, Rummikub, and papayneapples. Now I just kind of want some Jamba Juice.

ABV Chicago Episode 197 – Blinded by the Haze

Beers Tasted Blindly (in order tasted)

Old Nation Brewing – M-43 (IPA)

Forbidden Root – Night Moth (IPA w/ oak spirals)

Mikerphone Brewing – Super Special Sauce (DIPA)

Weldwerks Brewing – Extra Extra Juicy Bits (DIPA)

Tree House Brewing – Doppelgänger (DIPA)

Corridor Brewery & Provisions – SqueezIt (DIPA)

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