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barrel aged stout grab bag

Episode 462 – Barrel-aged Stout Grab Bag

Throughout this year we’ve been collecting barrel-aged stouts from different states without a real purpose for them: until now. From five states we have three straight barrel-aged stouts and two that are pastrified – and all are in the running...

triptych forces way beyond our control

Forces Way Beyond Our Control | Triptych Brewing

It honestly feels like we feature Triptych Brewing more than we do. The variety of styles they produce typically match what a brewery like Revolution puts out. Only difference is Triptych is about two hours south in Savoy, IL and their beer infrequently makes it up to Chicago

cruz blanca luchadors 2021

Episode 406 – Cruz Blanca Luchadors 2021

Add a 2021 FoBAB Gold Medal to the many reasons why Cruz Blanca’s seasonal barrel-aged beer release is not to be missed, but you hopefully already knew that anyways. For this one, we chat with head brewer Jacob Sembrano before...