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blind saisons

Episode 273 – Blind Saisons

It’s that magical time of year again where the warm weather and budding flowers necessitate the enjoyment of saisons – and it’s also when we have our annual Saisonathon event during Illinois Craft Beer Week on Tuesday, May 14th at...

Episode 171 – Midwestern Wheats

For many, wheat beers are summer. So we get tired of waiting for the weather to turn and initiate summer on this episode with five wheat beers from five Midwestern states. Which summer wheat should be on your grocery list?

Episode 22 – Blind Session IPAs

The current demand for “session” IPAs is high, and breweries are practically tripping over themselves to release their version of the hoppy longdrinker. We make our way through nine beers under the 5% ABV cap from nine different breweries, tasting...