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half acre heavy in the air

Heavy In the Air | Half Acre

When you hear Half Acre’s name, you immediately think pale ales, IPAs, and double IPAs. And for good reason. Beers like Daisy Cutter, Gone Away, and Vallejo are institutions in Chicago craft beer, right by beers like Anti-Hero and (a...

half acre far and away

Half Acre’s Far And Away: Beer List Breakdown

This past Friday, Half Acre released the beer list “as we know it” for their first invitational beer fest, Far and Away. The festival, which takes place on Saturday, October 13th atop the Harris Theater in Millennium Park, is comprised...

hop butcher grid

Ryan’s Top 50 Beers of 2017

Take a little trip with me. Come back to a time when people cared about year-end lists – approximately three and a half weeks ago, or perhaps never – and allow me to share my completely arbitrary rankings of beers...