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Episode 232 – Just Peachy

Well this episode isn’t THE PITS! Get it?!? We sample six pretty different beers that prominently feature peaches to pick our favorites.

Episode 88 – GABF 2015

Once again, we concluded our extended weekend of drinking and chafing in Denver at the Great American Beer Festival by recording an episode chock full of interviews and arbitrary beer reviews.

Episode 71 – Crooked Stave 2: Crookeder Stave

We acquaint ourselves with six more of Chad Yakobson’s fine funky brews from his Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project in this episode. These 2014 Cellar Reserve offerings are all oak-aged and brettanomyces-fermented with fruits added, so rankings become difficult.

GABF 2014: Craig’s Thursday

The Great American Beer Festival. GABF. Craft beer’s Mecca, Holy Grail, Citizen Kane – whichever superlative you wish. For three days every year, usually in October, craft beer creators, consumers and others interested descend upon Denver, Colorado to try and...