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barb attacks

Barb Attacks | Dutchbag Beer Co.

I think it has finally happened. Summer may just have arrived in Chicago. At least the temperatures did! For me that means putting away the barrel-aged things and reaching for something light, flavorful, and refreshing. (Not that I still won’t...

bocks of spring

Episode 431 – Bocks of Spring

Malt-forward and flowery, the bock-style lager most made for the Spring season is typically a maibock, though not all breweries embrace the confines of that title. We collect five local bocks made with Spring in mind to help Craig make...

7 year surprise

Episode 364 – 7 Year Surprise

This year is our seventh as a podcast, and because we couldn’t throw a party like we usually do, we’re bringing the drunken fun inside your head holes. It’s certainly a nostalgia fest at times here as we relive our...