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cruz blanca luchadors 2022

Episode 457 – Cruz Blanca Luchadors 2022

We’re just going to come out and say it: this is the best lineup in the history of this series, and it might be the best complete lineup of barrel-aged beers to come out of Chicago this year. Cruz Blanca’s...

cruz blanca luchadors 2020

Episode 353 – Cruz Blanca Luchadors 2020

For a few years running, Cruz Blanca‘s Luchador series has been perhaps the most inspired and creative lineup of the holy trinity of Chicago barrel-aged beer special releases. We get a mouthful on this episode, as we drink through all...

cruz blanca luchadors

Episode 305 – Cruz Blanca Luchadors 2019

At some point, these guys can’t stay “underrated” or “under the radar” with the ridiculous blends and adjunct-enhanced beers from barrels they release every year. The Cruz Blanca Luchador series may still be young in the Chicago specialty release annual...