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Sorry for the Racket | Young Blood Beer Co.

When you say certain breweries names, you immediately think of certain styles. Russian River – West Coast IPAs and wine barrel-aged sours. 3 Floyds – aggressive hoppy beers and Dark Lord. You get the point. When I think of Young...

lil beaver whole lotta wonderful

Whole Lotta Wonderful | Lil Beaver

Ah, the festival pour. The not-so-mythic libation that towers above all other libations at a beer festival. Very, very flavorful, the festival pour slays at the two to three ounces you get at the festival but wears you down with...

cookies and cream maplewood

Morbidly Obese Pug: Cookies & Cream | Maplewood Brewing

the beer world, October usually means a few things. Oktoberfests abound, sometimes the Great American Beer Festival, and Maplewood Brewing’s Pug Day. Now going strong in its fourth year, Pug Day celebrates pugs everywhere, but specifically the namesake of Maplewood’s Fat Pug beer Otto. And every year, on Pug Day, they release a new version of Morbidly Obese Pug. For this year, that means Morbidly Obese Pug: Cookies and Cream.