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30 most memorable 2022

30 Most Memorable Beers of 2022

After what seemed like forever, we finally reached something very close to normal in 2022. Festivals returned in their pre-2020 form (for better or worse) while people wanted to get out again. Breweries were more than happy to oblige, having...

most memorable 2021

30 Most Memorable Beers of 2021

Last year was god-awful. Restrictions, lockdowns, and an unchecked virus led to a very tense and exhausting year. While some of those things happened in 2021 (and may be coming back right now), the vaccine brought about brief moments of...

30 most memorable 2020

30 Most Memorable Beers of 2020

In 2016, I titled my year-end beer round-up “A Beer to Remember, A Year to Forget.” Our last show of 2017 was called F*** Off 2017. Little did we know. There aren’t even words to describe 2020, since the last...