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saison reason

Episode 450 – Saison is the Reason

Who says you need a reason to saison? Saison is all the reason you need. On this landmark episode, we again drink five different takes on our favorite style of beer – but we pepper this one with some interviews....

azadi gir

Gir | Azadi Brewing

Going into having my first Azadi beer on our Local News show, I had no preconceived notion of what to expect from them. Upon opening and drinking Kadak, my expectations have been set. The balance between the chocolatey, roasty stout and the chai spices exceeded any notions that I had about this new brewery. It never got to be too much. So with that in mind I had to try at least one of Azadi’s other two offerings available in the market Рeither their Kavi golden ale or Gir IPA. I felt like some hops, so I opted for Gir, their Kesar Mango IPA. (Just checked their Instagram РBhogate, a grapefruit gose, is also currently available.)

odious cellars

Episode 362 – Odious Cellars

Starting a sour-focused brewery comes with a unique set of challenges, especially when you enter the market in the midst of a pandemic. But Odious Cellars founder and head brewer Reeve Joseph forged ahead, lucking upon the facility at Pilot...