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torture test 666

Episode 455 – Torture Test 666: Beer of the Beast

Unknowable horrors await us on our sixth annual Torture Test show, wherein we try to find weird, old, and terrible beers to blindly afflict one another, and this one’s crawling with impossible-to-guess styles and shapeshifting ABV. We try to avoid...

torture test 3

Episode 299 – Torture Test III: Pain Train

The most terrible tradition – the Torture Test – returns with our third annual gauntlet of gore as we try and outdo each other with the absolute worst-tasting beers we can find. Throw in some Zombie Skittles, and you have...

Episode 196 – The Torture Test

In what will surely become a Hellish yearly tradition, we get gruesome on this show by trying to break each other by pouring the worst beers we could find.