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odious cellars rubied perspective

Odious Cellars | Rubied Perspective

It’s always exciting to find a new brewery. Even though I had heard of Odious Cellars in passing, I had completely forgotten about them until I recently heard of their launch at Pilot Project on September 12. 2020. Needless to say, I was excited to get some sour beer from them.

Episode 192 – Too Many SKUs

There is a ridiculous amount of options for the Chicagoland beer buyer, but that won’t stop five more established breweries from carving out some shelf space! We try five beers from these new arrivals to try and determine how they...

Episode 187 – Saint Errant Brewing

While many of their friends were starting breweries and gaining notoriety, Brent Banks and Ryan Jacobs were honing their craft as home brewers while juggling jobs in finance and the medical field. At the urging of their comrades, the pair...

Episode 176 – DESTIHL Brewery

Over the course of a decade, DESTIHL Brewery has been extending their reach from their home in Central Illinois to sending their cans and bottles to nineteen different states. On this show, we sample an array of what they do:...