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cassis hermit thrush

Cassis | Hermit Thrush

Seeing as how we just drank a whole lotta resurrected beers, I felt it was a fine time to possibly tackle another R word – redemption. Last year on my east coast swing, I traveled to Vermont and assembled what...

zenith odious cellars

Zenith | Odious Cellars

Sours do not do well in Chicago. I’ve been fortunate enough to speak to many brewers on the subject and that’s been their consensus opinion. They sit on the shelves and don’t sell through fast enough or at all. Other...

odious cellars rubied perspective

Odious Cellars | Rubied Perspective

It’s always exciting to find a new brewery. Even though I had heard of Odious Cellars in passing, I had completely forgotten about them until I recently heard of their launch at Pilot Project on September 12. 2020. Needless to say, I was excited to get some sour beer from them.