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hop butcher coffee bear

Coffee Bear | Hop Butcher

hen you hear the name Hop Butcher, you immediately think IPAs. And you’d be right to think that. A vast majority of their output comes in that form, whether a milkshake, double, triple, single, or pale ale.

tree house the king

The King | Tree House Brewing Company

It’s good to be the king. Tree House knows a thing or two about that. From its humble beginnings in Brimfield, MA, Tree House has done nothing but explode in popularity and size. They move to Monson, MA, where I...

1840 brewing african drinking chocolate

African Drinking Chocolate | 1840 Brewing

Brewers take inspiration for their beers wherever they can find it. Regional specialties, something from their youth, or food and drinks from other cultures (Mexican cake remains a  popular one) come tumbling into the bottle and mash tun. Early on,...