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benthic sunken ghost

Benthic Sunken Ghost | Half Acre

Extended barrel-aging in beers is nothing new. Goose Island’s first Rare Bourbon County Brand Stout in 2010 sat in Pappy Van Winkle 23-year barrels for 2 years and might have been the first “mass produced” example of it (emphasis on...

hop butcher coffee bear

Coffee Bear | Hop Butcher

hen you hear the name Hop Butcher, you immediately think IPAs. And you’d be right to think that. A vast majority of their output comes in that form, whether a milkshake, double, triple, single, or pale ale.

tree house the king

The King | Tree House Brewing Company

It’s good to be the king. Tree House knows a thing or two about that. From its humble beginnings in Brimfield, MA, Tree House has done nothing but explode in popularity and size. They move to Monson, MA, where I...