Author: Craig G.

revolution deep wood 2020 part 4

Deep Wood 2020 Part 4 | Revolution Brewing

Well it’s finally here. The end of it all. With Apple Brandy Ryeway and On & On: Part 1 releasing this Friday, January 22, 2021, Revolution ends its 2020/2021 Deep Wood series. What did you think I was talking about? Let’s jump right into it, with rankings of the entire Deep Wood lineup for the year at the end.

it's always hazy

It’s Always Hazy (Mosaic) | Swinging Bridge

Finally made it to 2021 and, lo and behold, we’re in the 2020 Director’s Cut/Extended Edition. I should have just purchased the VHS copy of 2020. There is still beer being made, so that means there is still beer to...

30 most memorable 2020

30 Most Memorable Beers of 2020

In 2016, I titled my year-end beer round-up “A Beer to Remember, A Year to Forget.” Our last show of 2017 was called F*** Off 2017. Little did we know. There aren’t even words to describe 2020, since the last...