Author: Craig G.

afterthought tradition

Afterthought Brewing | Tradition: Double Gin Barrel Aged

Very quietly and unassumingly, Afterthought has grown. They began with only their Blended Barrel membership program and being available only at The Beer Cellar in Glen Ellyn. They have expanded (limitedly) to other beer stores and eventually signed with Do Right Distribution. A taproom is coming soon. Things are happening.

revolution mixed berry ryeway

Revolution Brewing | Mixed Berry Ryeway

Revolution’s at it again. Last year, they decided to release Strawberry Jacket and Honey Jacket during the summer heat – and it worked. This year Revolution did the same thing, albeit all online due to the pandemic. Supermassive Café Deth...

sunset vallejo

Half Acre | Sunset Vallejo

Half Acre releases a lot of variants of their beers now. For a while it seemed like the only two variants that would come every year without fail were Double Daisy Cutter (usually a spring and fall release) and Galactic...